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Low-key OP
Low-key OPSucks big time on  Hazure Skill “Gacha” de Tsuihou Sareta Ore wa, Wagamama Osananajimi wo Zetsuen Shi Kakusei Suru
If you're looking for half-bit villains and another typical "let your enemies live to f you and your family up another day" MC, then this one is for you! Absolutely zero remorse from the MC for endangering the lives of his "companions" multiple times over. Enemies (i.e. his family) with the most pathetic motives somehow hate the guy to his core, but honestly I almost can't blame them
Bubble the Gay fella...Rocks on  Monster and the Beast
It was awesome, but too short :( they're cute I love them 
It deserve more recognition 🦋
ClouDy_SkYz_Rocks on  The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation
i love it sm and kinda late but im still in the fandom even after 3 years!!!!
ilove_readingBLPretty good on  Dangerous Convenience Store
such a beautiful BL i have read. i was new to the BL community so i was trying to find a BL to read and this first pop up and after finishing it i ADORED it    but we didn't see any backstories from ahjussie childhood so yea but i still love this BL
ElijahRocks on  Bad Thinking Diary
My fav gl story  💗
GloriarRocks on  The Evil Ring
OMG such interesting story, I can't wait for more updates
EYELASHEZZPretty good on  No Love Zone
Pretty good
yeonjuni'mamfstarboyRocks on  High School Boy
you got to trust the process okay?😭 like uts not bad but just uninteresting and a little bit weird at the beginninng but then i got really invested in it but i run out of chapters😔😔 guys help i want to read more
ceil phantomhiveRocks on  Her Summon
That was so beautiful the art the plot the characters everything was so beautiful even the fan service was beautiful like the art truly takes the cake the way the mc developed and grow was heart warming and I really enjoy how the mc didn't have any harem or anything but he was just friend a protector, i truly wish there were more stories like this the ending was sweet yet bitter and the mc finally got new clothes and I haircut, and the character development as the story goes on the story begans as some sort of joke sh** but the more you read the more you connect to the characters and the plot and the more serious it becomes
CuP1Dl0V3Sucks big time on  ARTS MANZ
Sucks a**